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Airconditioning and refrigeration mechanic

Airconditioning and refrigeration mechanics install, maintain, and repair indoor air qu...
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Blending creativity and technical expertise, Architects design functional, safe buildin...
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Boilermakers are highly skilled tradespeople who fabricate, install, maintain, and repa...
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Bricklayers work with clay bricks, pre-cut stone, concrete blocks and other types of bu...
Up to $109K Salary
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Builders are skilled experts who oversee the construction and renovation of buildings,...
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Building inspector

Building inspectors ensure that construction meets local and national building codes an...
Up to $191K Salary
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Cabinet maker

Cabinet makers are specialist woodworkers who performs a range of skills associated wit...
Up to $99K Salary
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A carpenter is one of the most sought after trades, due to their broad scope of work. T...
Up to $115K Salary
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Civil engineer

Civil engineers plan, design, organise and oversee the construction of infrastructure,...
Up to $215K Salary
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Concreters pour, level, and finish concrete to form foundations, slabs, and other structures.
Up to $115K Salary
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Construction lawyer

Construction lawyers specialise in handling legal issues related to construction, from...
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Construction manager

Construction managers manage the construction of a range of projects, including public...
Up to $204K Salary
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Contract administrator

Contract administrators plan, develop, negotiate and manage contracts to meet the needs...
Up to $197K Salary
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Crane chaser

Crane chasers, also known as doggers, assist in setting up and moving heavy loads with...
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Crane, hoist or lift operator

Crane, hoist or lift operators operate cranes, lifts or hoists to move heavy materials...
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Design manager

Design managers lead architects, engineers, and other design experts in creating functi...
Up to $201K Salary
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Digital engineering lead

Digital engineering leads spearhead the adoption of innovative digital solutions, resha...
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Draftspersons create detailed drawings and plans from architects' and engineers' specif...
Up to $171K Salary
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Electrical engineer

Electrical engineers design, develop, test, and supervise the manufacturing of electric...
Up to $214K Salary
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Electricians install, maintain, and repair electrical systems and equipment, ensuring s...
Up to $179K Salary
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Environment consultant

Environmental consultants assess and manage the environmental impacts of construction p...
Up to $203K Salary
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Environmental manager

An environmental manager makes sure that building projects follow eco-friendly rules an...
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Estimators are responsible for putting together estimates of how much it will cost to p...
Up to $189K Salary
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Fencers install and repair fences and gates to provide security, privacy, and aesthetic appeal.
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Fire protection technician

Fire protection technicians ensure building safety by installing and maintaining fire p...
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Flooring technician

Flooring technicians specialise in installing and maintaining various types of flooring...
Up to $150K Salary
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Foreperson / site supervisor

Site supervisors oversee sites, ensuring efficient operations and timely project comple...
Up to $218K Salary
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Formworkers create temporary molds for concrete, playing a critical role in ensuring th...
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Gasfitters are skilled tradespeople who install and service natural gas fixtures and ap...
Up to $177K Salary
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Geologists study the solid and liquid matter that constitutes the Earth, helping to gui...
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