Flooring technician

Flooring technicians are the experts in installing and maintaining the surfaces we walk on every day. They specialise in laying down all types of flooring materials, including carpet, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl.

What does this job involve?

Floor installation

Installing various types of flooring materials (e.g., wood, tile, carpet)

Subfloor preparation

Ensuring the subfloor is level and suitable for installation

Measurement and Cutting

Measuring and cutting flooring materials accurately

Adhesive application

Applying adhesives for flooring attachment

Repair and replacement

Repairing or replacing damaged flooring sections

Finishing and sealing

Applying finishes or sealants for protection and aesthetics

Pattern Layout

Arranging and aligning flooring materials in a pattern

Quality control

Ensuring the final flooring product meets quality standards

How do I get into this career?

The most common pathway is via an apprenticeship. It is highly recommended to seek work experience or reach out to businesses seeking apprentices. A flooring technician can also start as a trade assistant or labourer, gaining experience which may count towards a qualification in the future.

Salary expectations

Low $40,300
Median $73,400
High $150,200

Recommended training